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    Hi we know that an intermediate apprenticeship framework has level 1 FS content, and according to the rules if an apprentice achieves the level 1 FS in Maths or English or both then it is a rule that we should offer them the opportunity to go to level 2- If they do not wish to take this up we should evidence that fact in their ILP which is what we do.

    But my question is – if they already have level one FS prior to starting the intermediate apprenticeship do we have to enrol them on level 2 FS or again is it just an offer and they can choose to do it or not….
    Just trying to clarify this particular situation…




    Martin West

    Hi Steve,
    From the funding rules for this year:
    the apprentice must start and continue to take part in level-2 English and maths during their intermediate-level Apprenticeship if the apprentice already had a level 1 in either English or maths (or both) before they started their Apprenticeship
    So its at must do



    Thanks Martin – Much Appreciated.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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