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    Richard Handley

    We have now resolved the issues affecting the data match report for apprenticeships. You can now submit an ILR to the Submit Learner Data service and the datamatch report will be produced automatically. This report will identify all apprentice records that fail datamatch to allow you to correct your data before the R02 close at 6pm on 4 October.

    Please don’t forget you also need to resolve data locks in your R14 ILR in order to receive any payments relating to the 2018/19 funding year. The deadline to submit your R14 ILR is 6pm on 17 October.


    Tracey McGaulley

    Good Evening

    Although the actual report is available it does not appear to be working in quite the same way as last year – for example, we appear not to have any DLock_02 issues, which previously have indicated that the learner is not showing on the employers Apprenticeship Service (so either no cohort has been issued and/or the cohort has not been approved by the employer). We know this is not the case as we have a number of cohorts outstanding – do these now show as DLock_01 or other ?
    I have checked on the & the guidance for the report does not look as though it has been amended at all ?



    I’d also like to know the answer to this. We were going to assume that the DLOCK_01 are the old DLOCK_02 but that’s a big assumption to make!


    Caspar Verney

    Come on ESFA, where are you? Deadlines even closer and zero response. Quite simply not acceptable.


    Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of this issue and you are correct that currently D-Lock02 is being incorrectly reported as D-Lock01. We realise this has an impact to providers and employers trying to correct these issues but it does not affect payments. We aim to resolve this by R03 submission deadline and will update the known issues document.

    If you need to raise an issue please contact the apprenticeship support team on 08000 150 600 or email


    Richard Phipps

    Dear ESFA,

    Can you please designate someone to look at the forum each day and answer these queries? It would help all of us a lot if this could be done.

    Thank you,


    Martin West

    Apprenticeship Service Engagement Team
    Could I ask where are you reporting known issues for the Dlock report and other issues on the Apprenticeship service for Providers and Employers.
    Due to difficulties getting any answer by phone or request to the service desk which often result in either delayed or no response I support Richards request.


    Caspar Verney

    I have asked for some proactive involvement from the EFSA on FeConnect for years and years and years. Sometimes it is unnecessary because of pearls of wisdom from within the community (especially Martin – sorry, but I had to say it). What about a button to request ESFA support on a thread that anyone could click and it would alert the ESFA so that they don’t have to monitor every single thread?

    Glad to hear that the DLOCK issue will be fixed for R03, but what about R14? You cannot possibly expect Providers to have any confidence if it is still there for that when there is no further opportunity to fix things. I have seen it said that if you believe the mismatch is incorrect then you will still get paid, but that is impossible advice for a final submission.


    Emma M

    I have learners who are showing up as having no matching ULN even though we’ve double and triple checked it and they do….

    I was advised to try and re-upload today but I can’t even get into SLD! What’s going on?


    The issue affecting datamatch does not affect providers submitting data for R14 and the datamatch report continues to be available for all ILR file submissions relating the 2019/2020 funding year. The deadline for R14 submissions is 17 October at 6pm. We monitor feedback on our main communication channels including FE-Connect, and appreciate the feedback and support that you provide using these services.

    The issues affecting users submitting ILRs to the Submit Learner Data service have now been resolved. Please resubmit your file if you continue to experience difficulties.

    If you have any issues with operation of the apprenticeship service please continue to raise these with the apprenticeship support team on 08000 150600 or email


    Martin West

    Is a correction required here?:
    the datamatch report continues to be available for all ILR file submissions relating the 2019/2020 funding year


    Caspar Verney


    I cant see the data mismatch report appearing in the reports bundle now we have moved to the new submissions web page

    Where is it?
    Why does no one tell us whats going on directly
    Why do i have to resort to online forums to find stuff out….

    And the tab for latest submissions on that new site
    Why does it says lastest?

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    Martin West

    It should be in the download for R02 but you may have to wait until they have processed it and added it to the initial download.
    We are mushrooms


    Caspar Verney

    Despite the appeasing words from @Apprenticeship_Service_Engagement above, according to it is very much affecting R14 and the lack of help and support from the ESFA is diabolical.

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