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    Hi All

    I attended the webinar this morning on updates to 20% OTJ. It was stated that job shadowing would not be counted as 20% OTJ (previously informed by an auditor that job shadowing was an acceptable for of OTJ). If we was to count job shadowing then the employer will be counted as delivering some of the training so therefore will need to conform to the sub-contracting rules. Our learners come into our centre one day per week so we are not trying to dodge the 20% but if we go on what we was told this morning then basically we are not able to include anything carried out in the workplace that has employer input or we would have to count the employer as a subcontractor.

    Any views appreciated.


    Martin West

    You can include OTJ activities that the Apprentice undertaken in the workplace.

    My interpretation is that if the employer is directly involved in any OTJ then this comes within the subcontracting requirement.

    The OTJ guidance states that shadowing others can be included in the OTJ hours if the activity is imparting new learning to the individual , my interpretation would be as the Apprentice is (shadowing) learning from what others do and not being directly taught by the employer then the hours could be included and it is not a subcontracting situation.


    Martin Locock

    I suppose the other possible issue would be if job shadowing was a normal part of the employer-provided staff development activities, in which case it wouldn’t be OTJ time.



    Thanks Martin, this is what we thought but was told in the webinar that job shadowing would count as training from the employer so would fall under the sub contracting rules but contradicts what we have been previously told me an auditor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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