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  • Martin West

    Still to come from the information authority (now overdue)
    Schema (end of Dec/start of Jan)
    Migration specification – (end of Jan)
    ILR Specifications final – (end of Feb)
    Validation rules – (end of Feb)

    Still to come from the EFA
    Confirmation of the current funding rate (£3900)
    Confirmation of the programme cost weighting factors (1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6)
    Confirmation of the Disadvantage Funding rates (450 – 274)
    Funding rules and guidance for 2013/14

    Still to come from the SFA
    Apprenticeship rates for 16-18 and 25+ age bands
    Confirmation of qualifications and units for the unemployed
    Funding calculation guidance

    I have not included the data service as the Data Collections & Funding Transformation plans do not include any delivery items until April but the LIS alpha version may have been of interest to software writers and suppliers.

    The deadline for planning of curriculum and finances for 2013/14 will now have past for most of us, the Shadow Funding information has been the only guide we have had to go on but this only covered a subset of delivery.

    In previous years when it was normal for late guidance and provision of systems at least it was known what the change in funding rates would be overall and it was only changes to the ILR that we had to worry about.
    Now that it has been agreed that we do need the guidance and systems earlier the whole mythology for provision is being changed at the same time by both the EFA and SFA.

    No change there then, I can only conclude that they (SFA/EFA) still do not understand that providers do need time to plan for the next academic year and we all know what poor planning results in. Yes it is poor performance which providers are held up as being responsible for, it’s a crazy system.


    Caspar Verney

    What a very sad but oh so true post, Martin, you have expressed this very well and I can only echo the extreme frustration of not yet knowing if 2013/14 will be worth getting out of bed for or if we should give up.

    I seem to remember it being suggested that the IA should hold centre stage and co-ordinate the SFA & EFA, but it appears that no-one is in control. Providers are told that they must be in control of and responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of their data, but the same does not appear to true for those who try to impose such rules.

    Bring back Sir Humphrey Appleby.


    Martin West

    Sir Humphrey Appleby: Minister, it takes time to do things ‘now’

    James Hacker: The three articles of civil service faith are:
    It takes longer to do things quickly
    It’s more expensive to do them cheaply
    It’s more democratic to do them in secret



    Hi, just to let you know that version 2 of the ILR Specification and version 1 of the ILR Validation Rules for 2013/14 were published on Friday. Version 1 of the ILR XML Schema Definitions files will be published later today and Appendix B, Migration Mapping from 2012/13 to 2013/14 will be published by the end of the week.

    Thanks, Sharon King, the information authority


    Martin West

    Hi Sharon,

    I have had a chance to review version 2 and the only typo found is in ‘The Learning start date must not be after the learner’s Date of birth’.

    Thanks for the response and indication of when we can expect the documentation to be published, here’s to hoping that the others respond so quickly.



    Simon France

    Great. We can only have embryonic learners now? 🙂


    Martin West

    Hi All,

    I expect that you are all wondering what has happened to the following due to be published in:

    March 2013 expected to be published, Version 1 of the EFA funding regulations document.
    March 2013 expected to be published, Version 1 of the EFA rates and formula document.
    14 March 13 Own Software Writers Meeting papers, yet to be published.
    31 March 13 Final SFA/EFA Funding Calc Specs 13/14 – Final.
    31 March 13 OPA Rules Base Initial.
    8 April 13 2013/14 Provider & Learning Aims Reference Data available.
    8 April 13 Desktop Services (LIS) Beta Release.

    At least in the Grand National there were no fallers at the first or second fence.

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