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  • Wayne H

    Hi all,
    I’ve got a question around what to do with regards to do when a learner has been on programme up to the point of starting EPA Gateway and now is changing employer. They are 19+ and all co-investment payments have been collected from the first employer.

    Any suggestions on how or proceed with this.

    We can sign them up to the new employer for the duration of the EPA period but what TNP03 and TNP04 would we use? The new employer will unlikely want to pay anything during this period, can we just leave the TNP01 and TNP02 until EPA completion?

    Any other ideas or tips would be good.



    Martin West

    Hi Wayne,
    At this point only 80% of funding will have been drawn down and the next employer will be required to fund the remaining 20%, you would split the remaining 20% between training costs TNP 3 and the EPA cost TNP 4.
    You also need to record a new Learner Employment Status record to reflect the new employer.
    You should refund the original employer any overpayment of co-investment payments and charge this to the new employer.


    Wayne H

    Thanks Martin, good suggestion.
    Issues we are having is with standards such as Dental that include mandatory qualifications, once the learners get the qual certificate they want to jump ship so they can get a higher paid job elsewhere. They don’t seem too bothered about the Apprenticeship certificate… mean we then go to try and sort out a change of employer very late into the programme.

    Anyone else having this issue, if so any way to combat this?


    Ruth CJ

    We’ve just had one of these! Just awaiting evidence to go through gateway, and has quit. It’s so frustrating. You’re right Wayne, if they’ve done some quals within their Standard, they don’t seem to care about the Standard itself.

    Checking the guidance, it’s clear that they must be employed throughout. It doesn’t actually say that the new employer must sign them up to complete the apprenticeship. I think it’s just assumed that the new employer must agree to sign them up on an apprenticeship contract, but it’s not in any rules I can find. Obviously we’d lose the 20% if we didn’t sign up the new employer, but what other implications would there be? I could argue we met the funding rule because the apprentice is technically employed.

    Assuming I can’t use that loophole, I’m wondering if we can just negotiate a really low figure with the new employer, and just accept that we’ve basically lost the 20%. That would still need them to be happy to sign up to all our contracts and agreements.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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