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  • jakewhite

    Hi All,

    My query is regarding gathering the data for ‘start’ employment status for Classroom Based learners. Previously we entered ‘Not Known/Not Provided’ as our enrolmnent form never gathered that information. However we have been instructed to gather this information for statistical purposes for 2012/13.

    My issue is that when entering ’10: In Paid Employment’ it appears that we need to then enter a Placement with an attached EDRS. As the employer is not related to the training in any way and that the employees training is irrelevant to the employer I was wondering if there was a way to enter the learners employment status without adding employer details. I have no issues entering information in to the SEI, EII, LOU and BSI fields.

    Many thanks,

    Jake White


    Tony Braithwaite

    Hi Jake,

    According to the 12/13 ILR Specification the employer identifier is only required for Work Place Learning (Apprenticship or other). Is it your MIS system that is requiring you to enter the employer? The LIS should be OK with it, certainly is with our data.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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