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  • Shiromi CABRAAL

    Good afternoon all
    I work for a LA and we are currently bringing in–house some of our AEB provision.

    We will be purchasing an MIS, but until then are thinking of using the Learner Entry Tool LET (to max 500 learners).

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to use data collated from an on-line form as an excel spreadsheet, to be entered on the Learner Entry Tool LET (Max 500 leaners?)
    I understand the LET uses an XML format? I don’t have an iT support around today.

    Or is better to wait until we have an MIS system in place? I realise under the funding rules we are obliged to submit data returns monthly.
    Any thoughts or suggestions most welcome.
    Thank you



    As an LA doing AEB you actually only have to return 5 times a year, it’s only Apps and procured (paid on actuals) AEB you have to return monthly.

    Main issue with LET is you’d have to type it in by hand (or copy and paste a field at a time) from the spreadsheet, you can’t import non-ILR data into it, so, depending when your MIS will be available, probably worth waiting til it’s sorted. Also, depending on your choice of system, will depend whether the data you’ve put in LET will be importable into the system in a usable form or whether you effectively have to start again.

    Not to speak with the benefit of hindsight, but “working out how to do an ILR” should have been near the beginning of your project plan for bringing work in-house…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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