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    Might be an obviuous one, but this there any maximum amount of time between a learner starting learning and their entry upon the ILR. ILR spec says 10 years but surely there must be some shorter period for them to be still fundable?


    Martin West

    Hi John,
    In principal to be funded it only needs to be included in the current years ILR.

    The ILR specifications Appendix P define the Data Quality Standards which includes the measures for Timeliness (In time): Current and not outdated i.e. providers should adhere to the current ILR timeliness standard.

    In turn the specification includes the following:
    Principle 3: For any particular return, a provider must meet the timeliness specification. To accommodate changes resulting from the introduction of the ILR this can be summarised as:
    • for data for which there is a collection reference date on the timetable the provider must send data that accurately describes all provision delivered up to and including the collection reference date.
    • for other data, where there is no collection reference date, starters, leavers and changes must be returned in a timely way as described in the Provider Support manual for 2013/14.

    In Turn the Provider Support manual includes in 7.2 Standard for Workplace data timeliness:
    ‘The Workplace data timeliness standard is being reviewed for 2013/14 and further details will be provided at a later date’.
    In previous years it was that starts had to be reported within start month+1 and achievement or withdrawal month +2.



    Thanks Martin, very helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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