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    The AEB Funding & Performance Management Rules state –

    245. You must not use learner support funds for any of the following.
    245.1 essential equipment or facilities

      if the learner is eligible to full funding

    . However, these learners can get support funding for childcare, transport and residential costs

    246. You can use hardship funds for the following.
    246.1 course-related costs, including course trips, books and equipment (

      where costs are not included in the funding rate


    Does this mean that Fully funded students in Hardship could be supported for Protective footwear in construction, knife sets in catering etc. ?

    What if students are co-funded ?

    How do we know what is included in the funding rate ?




    Hi Keef

    Traditionally it’s anything *essential* to do the course, so if they can’t do the course without knives then you can’t use learner support for it, they just have to have them.

    If it’s a slightly nicer/more extensive set of knives that you *recommend* people have, then that’s a different matter…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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