Learner withdraws before 42 days on apprenticeship

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  • CLH75

    Hi Can anyone help
    I have a learner withdrawing at day 35 which is the last learning activity would I use this date or just withdraw back to start as they haven’t gone past day 42 dont qualify for funding and this will be paid back anyway
    Thanks in advance


    Martin West

    You never withdraw back to start but always use the last day of learning activity, the ILR should always reflect the reality of the situation.



    Thank you Martin. I have always used the last day of learning or a no show if first class wasn’t attended but not had it in the circumstance of not reaching qualifying for funding period. This last date of learning will also be used on the Employers AS account so there is no ILR conflict. Will the funding be adjusted automatically as it usually is ?
    Stay safe


    Paul Rogers

    It should be Cheryl, but you can always double check your reports next month to confirm its all ok.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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