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    I have a learner that is on an apprenticeship that we suspended due to going on Maternity leave. She is now set to return but only on a part time basis, can we extend her end date to reflect this?

    Normally we add the duration of suspension to a learners end date to calculate the new end date but in this instance with the learner returning part time we are worried that she will not complete in time.



    Martin West

    The following is from the funding rules:
    P54. If the apprentice works fewer than 30 hours a week you must extend the expected duration of the apprenticeship on the ILR (pro rata) to take account of this. This will also apply to any temporary period of part-time working. You must work with the employer to make sure that the apprenticeship agreement is also extended.
    P55. Where a part-time working pattern is needed, you must jointly agree with the employer and the apprentice the extended apprenticeship duration (see paragraph P56).
    P56. Where part-time working is agreed, you must:
    P56.1 record the agreed average number of hours each week;
    P56.2 evidence why this working pattern is in place; and
    P56.3 extend the minimum duration using the following formula:
    P56.3.1 12 x 30/average weekly hours = new minimum duration in months.

    While the guidance does not include the situation where this applies where the learner is returning from a BIL I would think the same principle applies and that you should adjust the return planned end date to reflect the reduce hours.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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