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    We are a lead contractor for apprenticeships, we have just picked up a sub contractor that was working with a college however this college have decided that they are no longer doing subcontracted provision. The learners are about half way through the programme.

    I am just wondering if anyone else has had a situation like this and to check if I am missing anything as I cannot find anything around this in either the provider support manual or funding rules apart from around minimum duration.

    At the moment I believe I would enter these as I would do a normal start however drop the proportion of funding remaining figure to account for what has already been delivered (this is what our relationship manager told us). However if the learner is half way through the programme but only 20% completed then I am sure questions would be asked if I draw down 80% of the funding. Has anyone has any experience with this? Also does this affect the achievement payment?

    Is there anything else I am missing?



    Have a look at


    We were in a similar position.



    Thanks for that! Very helpful


    Caspar Verney

    As I understand it you should use your professional judgement in determining the PriorLearnFundAdj value that can stand scrutiny at Audit (and I bet they would pick on one to check). If the learner has done 20% of the course in 50% of the time planned for it then does that mean that the timetabling brought them in to College for less time at the beginning and more time at the end? Or is the previous Provider stopping because they have had difficulties and have not got as far as expected (that is not a criticism)? Or are there some other factors at work? If 80% is right for you, then you should use it, provided you can defend that decision.

    As I understand it in 2013-14 if you enter something into the PriorLearnFundAdj field and the LearnStartDate is after 1/8/13 then it will affect the Completion funding as well. However I do not know what will happen if the OrigLearnStartDate is before 1/8/13, as then maybe the PriorLearnFundAdj should only affect the OPP and not the Completion Funding.

    As @trainingprovider has pointed out, there has already been quite some debate about this and there is the possibility that the Authorities will not pay any Completion Funding to the new Provider, which hardly seems fair – but you should study the other thread suggested by @trainingprovider to see if it applies to you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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