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    A Levy Payer of ours has be taken over by another company. On companies house i can see that the company number is the same, but they have submitted a name change.

    Any ideas how this affects the written agreement and DAS?

    The new company also have their own DAS account so not sure which one they should be using.

    As for the written paperwork, do we have to draw up new agreements and treat it as a standard change of employer scenario?

    Many thanks


    Ruth CJ

    I think it depends on the way they’ve taken over. When we had a apprentice at an organisation that was taken over, all the employees TUPEd across, so we treated it like a change of employer. If the apprentice’s contract of employment is now with a new organisation, I’d say treat it as a change of employer. You’d have to ask the employer what they’re doing with their levy account. You may find that the one you were using stops having funds put into it, so you’d be short if you continued to try and draw from there.



    Thanks for this Ruth

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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