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  • Ashleigh Seta

    Good Morning

    I’m looking for some clarification about Levy Transfers. We currently have a learner who is 20, from a non-levy small employer. The employer would usually be required to pay 5% co-investment, however a large employer has agreed to transfer their levy funds in order to fund the learner’s apprenticeship.

    Would the Employer still be liable for the 5%? Or is it treat as though the employer is a levy payer?



    Hi Ashleigh – I’m also interested in what the response is to this – also I’m assuming that the Apprentice would be funded using ACT 1 on the ILR? Thanks


    Martin West

    They are treated as a levy payer (ACT 1), but you should note the following from the funding rules:
    P253 You must fully explain to the receiving employer the requirement to pay co-investment if the full cost of the apprenticeship cannot be met with a transfer or from their service account. You must arrange to collect co-investment as set out in the co-investment section.



    Ashleigh Seta


    Thank you so much for your help. That confirms my assumptions.

    I will pass this information on to the employer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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