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    Hi, Just run my latest ILR through LIS 20.02 and it is not generating ALS for LR learners. It worked fine in 20.01 – any ideas?



    There is a note on LIS v20 Known Issues v2.4:

    “The field ALS per SLN factor is not currently populated within the
    Providers table and is therefore not included in the applicable funding
    The absence of this factor causes LIS to produce incorrect funding results for Providers
    should be aware of this and the impact on the funding calculated by Adult Learner
    Responsive funding calculations module (Funding Module 22).
    Resolution: A Data Update was made available from the LIS 20.01 download page
    which contained a populated ALS per SLN factor field in the Providers table.”

    Running the provider updates / patch should cure this.



    Martin West

    Hi Adam & Chris,

    This was a Resolved Issues in the current version of the LIS (LIS v20.02.013) but there is still an issue for 101 providers where the ALS/SLN factor is missing (set to zero) in the latest provider table. This issue has already been reported to the data service by me and other providers but up to now it has not been resolved, the data service have advised that providers should report this issue to their accounts manager.

    A workaround is to enter the data yourself into the provider table before you update it to the LIS.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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