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    Can anyone of you advise? I accessed a learner through the LRS /ULN etc. I was wanting to view his profile/learning aims/qualifications. This particular learner has just completed his 4 year apprenticeship with us. All I could view was his personal details – no record at all of his qualifications – the “tab” appears to be missing.

    As I am going through ESFA audit at the moment they are wanting to see PLR for a number of learners to ensure that we have taken into account any prior learning to adjust our aims for RPL.

    Thant you in advance.


    Sue Bishop

    Hi Alison

    On the learner profile page just check the ‘ability to share’ states PN seen and able to share data. If it states unable to share, you won’t be able to view the report.

    If they are a learner with you and completed the relevant privacy notice, presumably they have agreed for you to share their data – if you have the permissions on LRS, you can edit this line by clicking ‘edit’ bottom right of the page.




    It maybe that your superuser has not given you permission to view this area of LRS. Have you viewed PLRs before using your log-in details?
    The Superuser should be able to check your permissions on their account.



    Thanks all for your help and advice.
    Sue’s advice enabled me to see the learner record.

    I also put in an incident request too and received the following reply:-

    This learner has their privacy notice set to “Not Seen”.
    To change the privacy notice download a copy of the privacy notice and issue this to your learner.
    If the learner agrees, you may change the privacy notice to “Seen and able to share data”.
    You will then be able to view their personal learning record.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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