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  • Caspar Verney

    Can anyone else make sense of Traineeship funding, please?

    I have submitted a Batch File via OLDC in the last couple of days (ie R04) and the PFR Summary report that comes back says that Traineeships have earned £58,929.31in August 2013 and zero thereafter. This is for just 12 Traineeships which only started (or indeed came into existence) on 1/8/13.

    I have then tried to find some details from FIS Beta v23 and the only reports that show anything at all about Traineeships that I can find are one called “2013/14 PFR Summary Report” which shows quite different figures to the OLDC version and also the Excel sheet called “PFR_SkillsBudgetOccupancy_Report”. The trouble I have with these is that I cannot get the numbers to correlate. The full year earnings still appear to be significantly more than the maximum annual value for one Traineeship of £4,000 and I cannot see why. Further some Traineeships are paid in equal installments over 6 months and some over 12 months and I cannot see why. I thought that the maximum duration of a Traineeship is 6 months and so I cannot understand why funding is being suggested over 12 months. Nor why this should happen when the planned duration (according to the Core Aim) is only 6 months.

    Does anyone know, please, if the individual’s home postcode is supposed to influence the payments against the individual? I cannot see this happening from the reports available.

    Does anyone know, please, if the first month is paid as a double month (like other SFA Funding, under which contract this is being funded/paid)? I can only see equal payments over all months from the reports available.

    The Traineeship has a Core Aim (Aim Type = 5) which is Work Experience (eg Z0007836) which has a Start Date of 1/8/13 and a Planned End Date of 31/1/14. In addition there are some Functional Skills – do these have to have the same Start and Planned End Dates, or can they go on for longer? The Traineeship Guidance Notes certainly talk about Learning Aims that continue beyond the end of the Traineeship Programme.

    Given the hoped for “robust data” at R04, I am at my wits end to know what to do. I have logged this with the Data Service Service Desk last Friday, but does anyone else out there know how to clear away this current fog, please?

    In some desperation,


    Caspar Verney

    I managed to speak someone at the Service Desk a short while ago and some light has been shed on the above, but still not all.

    Apparently the PFR Summary report from OLDC is correct. However when I asked how you get from 12 students to £58,929.31 then they did not know and will have to ask more tomorrow. It seems that the PFR Summary from OLDC is mimicking the EFA approach which is to pay the whole amount up front and then only reconcile back at the end of the year – hence the payment showing in August only and zero thereafter. HOWEVER the SFA will not be paying it like that, which makes the PFR Summary from OLDC incorrect. It appears that Traineeships paid for under an SFA Contract will be paid in equal monthly amounts with NO double-funding for the first month and NO 20% Retention or Completion funding.

    The reports from FIS and from the Hub are known to be incorrect currently and this is being worked on.

    So one step forward and then one step back.

    In terms of “robust data” for R04, the jury is still out.




    Hi Caspar,

    I would assume that you are picking up some block 1 and block 2 funding which is additional to the £4,000 full time rate. It could also depend on what your retention factor is.




    Caspar Verney

    Hi Tim,

    Many thanks for your input.

    However these are not full time Traineeships and I do not understand or expect that there is any claim for Block 1 or Block 2 funding – please can you illuminate on this?

    I had an email from the Service Desk today to say that the Retention Factor being applied is 0.8715 (which should mean less funding and not more, I presume).

    Do you know anything about the individual’s home postcode affects each individual’s payments, please?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Caspar,

    Here are some paragraphs from the EFA rates and formula document (which I believe all Traineeships adhere too regardless of funding body) that should help clear a few things up:

    Block 1: economic deprivation funding
    46. Block 1 funding recognises that there are additional costs incurred in engaging, recruiting, and retaining young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Whether a learner is eligible for block 1 funding is determined by their home postcode and the level of deprivation recorded for that area in the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2010.
    47. Block 1 also gives an additional amount of funding for students who have recently left care, which is the same as the block 2 rate (£480 per student). The same amount is paid regardless of whether the student is full or part time.

    Block 2: GCSE maths and English

    53. Each instance of a student not having achieved a maths or English GCSE at grade C or above is counted. This means that a student who does not have either GCSE will be counted twice for the block 2 uplift.

    Full time 540+ hours £480 Band 4
    Part time 450 to 539 hours £480 Band 3
    Part time 360 to 449 hours £292 Band 2
    Part time 280 to 359 hours £292 Band 1
    Part time Up to 279 hours £480/FTE

    I hope this helps

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