Maths studied outside of apprenticeship

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    Is a learner allowed to do an apprenticeship with her provider, but undertake GCSE Maths separately via another college? With the provider not claiming the maths funding of course.

    My gut feeling is “no” as the provider should really be delivering the maths as part of the programme.

    Thank you


    Martin West

    The learner would not be eligible for funding at another provider see the following:
    The AEB rules include:
    80. We will not fund:
    80.5. training through ESFA funded AEB, where a learner is undertaking or planning to undertake an apprenticeship and where that training will:
    80.5.1 replicate vocational and other learning aims covered by the apprenticeship standard or framework, including English and maths

    In the Apprenticeship funding rules a learner is not eligible for funding where:
    P88.1 be undertaking another apprenticeship;
    P88.2 be undertaking training funded through AEB, where that training will:
    P88.2.1 replicate vocational and other learning aims covered by the apprenticeship, including English and maths;
    P88.2.2 offer career related training that conflicts with the apprenticeship aims; or
    P88.2.3 be taking place during working hours. Where an apprentice has more than one job, working hours refers to the hours of the job the apprenticeship is linked to.
    P88.3 be in receipt of any other direct DfE funding during their apprenticeship programme; this includes any other DfE funded FE/HE programme including programmes funded by a student loan, but excludes funding outlined in P88.2; or
    P88.4 undertake any part of an apprenticeship whilst on a sandwich placement as part of a degree programme.



    Thanks Martin – even though there’s no replication as the provider would not be delivering the component?

    That was my gut feel.

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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