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  • Sue Scott

    We have a learner who has passed her planned end date (January 2020) She is continuing with us until she completes her Standard but she has now changed employer!
    Could anyone advise me on how I now complete the new commitment statement and Apprenticeship agreement for the new employer. I have no clue what dates to enter as she has passed her planned end date!!
    Thank You


    Ruth CJ

    I’ve literally just been informed of one of these!

    I would have the commitment statement be the day they start with the employer, and then just give a realistic end date based on how long you think they’ll take to finish. It won’t impact of the Planned End Date in your ILR. If the new employer/apprenticeship isn’t eligible for the small employer waiver, they’ll also have to pay for the completion payment. Fortunately, the one I’m dealing with right now is small, so no issue.


    Martin West

    You enter the details for the new employer, the dates for the remained of the training period with the new employer included in the commitment statement and apprenticeship agreement but the ILR dates remain unchanged. As the total cost remaining will only be 20% then this is reflected in the assessment cost and training price (20% – assessment cost) this will draw down a completion payment of (20% of the total cost) and monthly payments over the remaining practical period.
    Revised as Ruth is correct you do not use a BIL but only change the employer.

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    Ruth CJ

    Hi Martin. This doesn’t sound like a Break, just a change of employer. Unless there’s gap, you don’t use a Break.


    Sue Scott

    Thanks Both
    The employer is small and she moved employer within 30 days so she hasn’t gone on a break.
    I was leaning toward doing as Ruth but thought it best to ask.

    Thank You


    Ruth CJ

    Hi Sue,

    If there was any gap (other than a weekend), you have to treat it differently. For 19/20, rules are;

    Where a new employer is found and employment starts within 30 days, you must manage this using a break in learning to ensure funds are not paid when the apprentice is not employed.

    So if there was more than a weekend of unemployment in between, Martin’s advice would be correct. A straight change of employer has to be no gap.

    The rules have changed again for 20/21, so changes next week would be managed differently 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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