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    Can I check I’m doing the right thing in coding on ILR when a learner moves levels. We are a specialist college working with learners with disabilities, and this isn’t uncommon for us, I’ve been doing it wrong in previous years (changing dates, deleting aims… as we knew no better) and our QAR is pretty horrific, so time to sort out what we should be doing!
    Learner started 7/1/19, at L2, by end of baseline assessment was apparent only working at Entry.
    They got on Feb ILR at L2, so should I now withdrawal from L2, and enter equivalent new aims at Entry, withdrawal date of before 1/2 term – 15/2/19, and new aim start date after 1/2 term, 25/2/19?
    Paranoid we get this right after issues we’ve picked up off our QAR! Thank you in advance for advice.


    Martin West

    To avoid any QAR issues when changing aims or level you should follow the guidance in section 5.4.2 Recording learner transfers in the Provider Support Manual.

    A learner transfers to a different learning aim within the same provider
    416. If a learner changes their learning aim during the funding qualifying period, then the learning aim details (including the start and planned end date) can be amended on the ILR record.

    417. If a learner transfers to another programme or learning aim after the funding qualifying period, then the original learning aim record(s) will need to be closed and new learning aim(s) added: see Table 4. You should not just amend the details on the original learning aim(s).
    You close the aim with:
    Completion status – 3
    Learning actual end date – Date of the last learning activity for the aim
    Withdrawal reason – 40
    Outcome – 3
    418. The start date of the new learning aim cannot be earlier from than the actual end date of the learning aim that the learner has transferred from or may be slightly later if there is a delay in the learner starting the new aim.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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