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    Hi all,

    I have an establishment delivering aim 10014688 – City & Guilds Entry Level Certificate in Adult Literacy. You can achieve this at E1, E2 or E3. Would you enter this aim anew for achievement at each level? I have a learner that progressed to the next level each time he did this but colleagues are disagreeing as to whether this is allowed or whether the different levels represent a sufficiently different period of learning to be completed separately multiple times.


    Teresa Davies

    OCR have a similar situation with their Entry level SfL in as much as the certificate is awarded at entry level and only once. The learner however, can achieve a spikey profile and still gain a certificate. As I understand it you could claim funding for each level but the learner will only get one certificate.



    In the ILR manual 12-13, the Outcome grade field suggests that you should enter either EL1, or EL2 or EL3 if the learner has achieved. I claim for each level the learner has achieved.
    See extract below:-
    ‘If the learning aim is entry level and counts towards skills for life target, the Outcome grade should be recorded using EL1, EL2 or EL3 if the learning aim is ‘Achieved”



    Thanks both. That was my opinion too. Feel reassured knowing this is how others are interpreting this.



    We also had the same situation a couple of years ago with this aim 10014688 – this qualifications had to be entered twice or there times against the same learner for different periods of training and they would come up as potential errors in DSAT. The problem is when the auditors come and start asking for lengthy explanations how could that happen..I would suggest to explain this to potential auditors on the first day if they come.. Mia

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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