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  • Mackenzie78

    Hi, I believe I know the answer to this but I would just like some clarification if someone has processed a learner on Multiple Courses.

    We’ve had an individual contact us regarding doing an Apprenticeship with us. This is fine as the individual isn’t currently employed or doing any other training. However, the individual is going to do a Part-Time University course in February 2021 but they will be self-funding their own course so there will be no double funding issue.

    I don’t think this is an issue but I thought id ask to see if anyone may see any potential issues through experience. Such as PLR issue as they will show as an Apprenticeship when the University processes the learner’s enrolment next year?

    Many thanks in advance.




    Andy, the one thing you definitely don’t have to worry about is Uni courses appearing on the PLR!!! HE providers have never engaged with or supplied data to LRS, with the exception of Degree Apps because they’re on the ILR.

    I’m still a bit wary about “self-funding HE” in these circs, because there may be other pots of OfS money that the provider is drawing from to support the learner that we just wouldn’t know about (and neither would the learner)…


    Sue Bishop

    It was the statement that said ‘this is fine as they aren’t currently employed’ which set off alarm bells for me as if they aren’t employed, they’re not eligible for an apprenticeship.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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