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    We have a learner who works for a national employer – their head office is in England – but the learners contracted Place Of Work (base) is in Scotland.

    The learner and the company have confirmed the learner spends most of his week (well over 75%) working in England.

    Our delivery will include workshops at our own premise – as well as onsite sessions at the English Head Office address.

    I’m just wondering what to use as the Delivery Location Postcode?




    I’d be tempted to put the Scottish postcode? Then at least it will be front and centre at audit and you can produce, with a flourish, proof that the learner spends >50% of their time in England, rather than them just popping up in the sample and having to sort of retrospectively justify why it’s not obvious?



    Thanks Steve

    I have a signed declaration from the Employer and Learner that clarifies the learners working pattern – do you suggest this will be sufficient to ‘flourish’?

    Short of getting him to print out his weekly appointment schedule I’m not sure what else I can provide?




    A signed declaration from the employer and learner should be sufficient as long as it specifically confirms that more than 50% of the apprentice’s working time is in England.

    From a belt and braces perspective it might be worth annotating on the learner file that the provider are aware of the apprentice’s base office in Scotland, however the working patterns equate to over 75% of the time worked in England, to head off any questions arising from the delivery location postcode.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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