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    Hi All,

    What are other providers using for apprenticeship provision to constitute starting funding for a new learner, e.g. Observation, 1st Action Plan etc.

    I am aware initial assessment and induction cant be used therefore I would appreciate some feedback/suggestions of what we could use to show the learning has started.

    Many Thanks




    Generally, we used to record all Apprenticeship learners as starting their NVQ on 1st August or the day after they started employment if later. The Tech Cert and keys skills start dates would be the day they enrolled at college. None of this data would be entered until after all sign-up paperwork had been completed by the learner and employer.
    We would not put prospective apprentices in contact with employers until after they had been asessed and advised what the course involved and what was required of them and their employer.
    Where an apprentice was already employed, the employer would have conducted an asessment, otherwise they would not have been offered the job. These we re-asessed at a later date. The colleges also offered induction.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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