New rule BIL and end dates

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  • simonl

    On this weeks ESFA webinar to discuss the new funding rule about being able to use a break when there is a gap in employment the ESFA said we had to use the last date of employment as the date for the break in learning and not the last day in learning which we would usually use.
    In this case if the last day of employment is the last day of the month, should we issue an invoice and collect the employer contribution for that month even if a visit has not taken place?



    Is there a copy of this webinar online?



    They have a youtube channel and they all get uploaded there, not sure if it has gone on just yet.


    Martin West

    That is correct as this is not a normal BIL (as defined in the funding rules) but only the process you must follow where there is a break in employment of less than 30 days then it is the last day in employment with the employer under the Apprenticeship agreement that is reported as the last day in learning, it is only that you use the same ILR code used for a BIL to suspend funding and to allow the duration of the Apprenticeship to be maintained.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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