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    I have a new apprentice who actually started apprenticeship just before lock down and I have only just been able to get contracts back from the Employer to set them up.
    What do I do as this was after R12?

    Many Thanks



    It’s before R14 so you’re fine! Get them on sharpish!



    Hi Steve

    There is only the 1 and I put it on this morning then panicked.
    So I will continue to do uploads on 19/20 for R13 and R14 then when they release 20/21 I export the data and do upload from there for R01. So I will send 2 uploads?
    Should I not make any changes to 19/20 once we have 20/21?
    This is my first time dealing with end of one year and start of new year.



    This is the fun bit!!!

    (warning: it is not fun ;))

    Yes, there are two concurrent uploads for different years in this order:

    R01 20/21 4 September
    R13 19/20 14 September
    R02 20/21 6 October
    R14 19/20 22 October

    Key thing is to make sure any changes you make to R13 and R14 are reflected in your R01 or R02, eg if you find out someone is withdrawing and then it turns out their last date of attendance was, say 15 July, you’ll need that in R14 but then also update the 20/21 record.

    Changes which affect data *after* 1 August don’t need to be in the 19/20 data (so if the withdrawing learner’s last day was 15 August, they’d stay as a continuer in you 19/20 data)



    Morning Steveh

    Thank you so much for the clear explanation much appreciated.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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