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    Is it physically possible for an non-levy paying employer, with an Apprenticeship Service account, to create an apprentice record without an accompanying reservation? I can’t have a look, because I don’t have access to a non-levy employer account. I can’t find any guidance anywhere that would tell me this.

    We did get sent an empty cohort by a non-levy employer, and we physically weren’t able to add any apprentices to it.

    Once a request comes through, I’m unable to see if it was a levy or non-levy employer in the DAS, or whether there was an accompanying reservation, and it’s worrying me.

    What about when an organisation reduces in size and goes from a levy payer to a non-levy payer? How will that resolve itself? If a non-levy payer is physically able to add a record with no reservation, we have serious problems.


    Ruth CJ

    Does anybody know the answer to this? I am very nervous about them being physically able to create a record with no reservation, and we couldn’t know that when approving, as we can’t see the reservations.

    If employers are physically capable of doing something wrong in the DAS, we know they’ll manage it. We’ve already had three employers add us as a Connected Organisation, and sent us cohorts with us (the provider) as the employer, and they were the levy payers.



    As far as I know a non-levy employer cannot create a learner without first reserving funding, this can all be done at once. Also, if you’ve been given permission by the employer to reserve/add learners you would also have to reserve funding first.

    If you got sent a empty cohort, which I believe means the employer has added you as a provider, they either need to give you permission to reserve funding or they need to reserve funding and add their apprentices onto it. Be aware that reserved funding cannot be backdates as far as I have been able to research, so if they started September you would have to re-start them.

    You should be aware of which of your employers are or are not levy payers as this is basic due diligence and impacts things collecting the 5%, VAT on end point etc.

    With regards to a levy payer going to a non-levy payer, this should work similar to if the levy payer exhausts their levy pot, they just have to pay the 5%, as they will already be on the DAS.


    Ruth CJ

    No, you definitely can’t back date reservations, that’s very clear in the rules. I would love for all the non-levy payers to give us permissions to do it for them! Would actually save a lot of work scrabbling around trying to get them to do it properly. We always know which are levy and non-levy before they get enrolled, so that’s not a concern.

    I’m sure any employer can send any provider an empty cohort if they have their UKPRN. A levy payer certainly can without “adding” a provider. I think you are right that we could have added reservations if we’d been given permissions.

    My issue regarding an employer who moves from being a levy payer to a non levy payer, is who switches off their ability to create a DAS record without a reservation? I just can’t see how that would work. I suspect they’d still be physically able to create a DAS record with no reservation, which is a concern.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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