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  • jessicar

    Does anyone know whats going off with moving Non Levy employers onto DAS? In the 7th Nov ESFA update newsletter it mentions:
    New apprenticeship starts for SMEs (that don’t pay the apprenticeship levy) recorded on the service during the period January to March 2020 will be funded from an additional budget that has been made available to support the transition. That budget will allow for up to 15,000 new apprenticeship starts during the first three months of 2020.

    From January 2020, SMEs will be able to select their apprenticeship training from all main provider organisations and institutions that remain listed in the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) – both those with and those without non-levy contracts procured by ESFA

    Are we notified of if any new starts from Jan have to use DAS, or do we continue to using our existing contract? I missed the webinar the other day but a colleague who did watch it has told me that a lot of the ‘practicalities’ are yet to be decided.
    Struggling to find any official ESFA info on the subject, so not sure if should be panicking as we have to start training SMEs on DAS from January or do we have longer?!


    Martin West

    The ESFA update included the following:
    Transition and testing – next steps
    We recently announced further details for smaller employers who do not pay the levy on accessing the apprenticeship service from 2020. As we move through the transition phase we will continue to test the apprenticeship service for employers that do not pay the apprenticeship levy and their associated training providers. This will be additional testing, therefore it is important that we take the steps described above to bring the current test to a close before we open the service more widely early next year.


    Martin Locock

    According to the webinar there will be a transition period where SMEs can continue to access Frameworks through the contracts and now Standards through the DAS, so employers who wish to access standards will need to register themselves on DAS. The sign-up process has been slightly streamlined and there will be a Government Gateway option (the current sign up route) and another route which won’t require an organisational Govt Gateway account. So if your employers do want a standard then they’d need to sign up – ESFA gave the strong impression that they’re not expecting providers to have to do much hand-holding in terms of setting up the account, but that in actually running it employers can give providers extensive editing rights on their behalf to set up the courses and apprentices.

    They said that the webinar recording would be released and they also promoted their YouTube channel.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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