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  • Ruth CJ


    We’ve finally got our first non-levy payer who has set up their DAS, given us all the permissions, and reserved some funds. They reserved and started in Sep, but we’re just now able to commit this.

    I went to “Manage your funding reserved for non-levy employers”, then “Add Apprentice” next to the reservation we have. Added everything like I usually do for a levy payer, saved and sent to employer for approval. Got the usual message that says “Cohort approved and sent to employer”, but it’s now showing in Drafts instead of With employers. Anyone else had this? Has the employer been notified? I tried deleting the cohort and doing it again, same thing. Been on hold to the Apprenticeship Service for a while now.


    Michelle L

    Hi Ruth, I have had issues all morning. I’ve been on the the helpdesk and they said they are aware of issues and will try and resolve asap. I just hope asap as we also have October reservations stuck in the system

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    Ruth CJ

    Oh dear 🙁 As long as the reservations exists with a date from October, as I understand it, actually committing it and creating the cohort can wait until later. I also believe that employers can make a claim for the £2k incentive in a later month too?


    Caspar Verney

    As always my advice would be to make sure that your ESFA Contract Manager knows before the end of the month and that way you have evidence that you have been trying to do the right thing, even if the systems won’t let you.



    Ruth CJ

    They’ve all just shuffled into place now 🙂 We had a few more that were stuck as Ready to Review, all now sorted.

    What I find really unsettling, is that I cannot spot which apprenticeship requests and live DAS records are non-levy. Surely there should be some indicator to differentiate them? I can’t see the reservation, I just have to assume it exists in the right month, of they wouldn’t have been able to create the DAS record with those dates otherwise.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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