Non mandatory aim completing after ZPROG

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  • Kelly

    One of our Subcontractors is debating with us on this and I wondered if anyone knows the answer.

    They are delivering a Level 2 CS Standard and alongside this are delivering the Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service (which is non mandatory.) They believe as it’s not a mandatory qualification the actual end date for the Diploma can be after the overall apprenticeship. My MIS department are disputing this.

    Can anyone advise?

    Thank you!



    Yes your sub-contractor is correct. Similar principal to an apprentice on a level 2 programme where the level 2 functional skills can be completed and closed after the programme aim (ZPROG001) has already been completed and is closed.
    If the Diploma aim has been coded Aim Type=3 (Component learning aim within a programme) then the MIS team will have to continue to return all learning aims in the ILR until all components are closed.


    Ruth CJ

    Yes, we’ve had this a couple of times. We do default code the non mandatory Diploma as part of the apprenticeship (because it’s procedurally easier). If they go on to complete the EPA before the Diploma is finished, we uncouple the Diploma and unfund it (or it errors). If there are no other component aims on the Standard, you do then have to include a Z00 code (or it errors). We give that Z00 code dates to match the programme aim, even if it started in a previous year. It doesn’t matter, it’s just an admin oddity, like the human appendix of apprenticeships.



    There’s a specific exemption on the Rules for carrying on with FS though?

    I’m worried there will be an ILR error on non-FS components continuing after the prog aim is completed (or, more likely, that there will be an error on the Actual End Date when they do complete if it’s later than the prog end date), but I’ve also not been in this situation, so if there isn’t an error, then on you go…

    (I know it’s almost my mantra at this point but, it’s a component aim, it kind of doesn’t matter what you put in)



    Hi Steve,

    Yes you are correct. I thought it excluded aims with funding model 99 but the validation rules don’t state this. I assume coding the ‘add on’ Diploma as AimType = 4 would get around this validation.



    Hi Steve – thats what our MIS department was thinking. We’ll have to wait and see


    Ruth CJ

    You could argue that we should be coding non-mandatory aims as unfunded non-components from the start. I suspect most of us code them as funded components though, and it makes no odds until they carry on past the programme aim.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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