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  • Ceri Fishlock

    I think this may have been mentioned on here before but I can’t find it!!

    We have LD learners enrolled on the non-regulated ASB funded hours banded Z codes. If a learner has the same code on two different courses will the hours be added together? Are they allowed to be on the same Z code twice? Should they both be the next band up or should one be the lower band and the other be the higher band?

    Any advice greatly received.




    Hi Ceri

    They can definitely be on the same code twice, as long as there are clear differences in the content when it comes to an ILP. For example a painting class would have the same aim as a pottery class of the same length, but they’re clearly two very different things. Also if the classes are set up termly (rather than roll on, roll off), you ‘d count the hours for each bit of learning. The thing is, there are very few set-ups where you gain financially from playing the bands, and there’s still some contention about how much detail auditors are going to go into anyway (as a Specialist Designated Institute, 80% of our learners are on these aims, so it’s in my interest to know about these things ;)).

    Does that help?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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