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    For information – the following article will be sent to the ESFA Update mailing list on 4/10/19 and will be posted in the next edition of ESFA Update to be published on 9/10/19:

    In September we made apprenticeship payments without publishing a number of reports due to the issues with the datamatch process in the apprenticeship service.

    For October – for levy paying employers, we will pay providers using employer’s levy accounts and this will be shown in their accounts and in the relevant ILR funding reports. For non-levy and for all other levy payments (i.e. English, maths, additional payments, learning support), we will pay these based upon your earnings as detailed in your ‘Apps Indicative Funding Report’, although these will not be included in your ILR payment reports.

    We realise this will have an ongoing impact to training providers and we are currently aiming for all payments to be made on the service at R03. At this point payment reports will show full details of all payments since R01. We will publish further information after month end on Friday (4 October). We apologise for the impact this issue may be causing, if you have any queries please contact the apprenticeship support team on 08000 150600 or email helpdesk@manage-apprenticeships.service.gov.uk


    Ruth CJ

    Can you confirm what is happening with employer additional payments? We didn’t receive these for R01, so were unable to pay employers the payments they were due. We also didn’t have the month end report that shows us which employers are due an additional payment.

    If we are again not going to receive these payments, will the ESFA be issuing a statement that we can share with employers who have had their payments delayed?


    Additional payments were included in the payments that were made at R01 but providers did not receive the reports to allow you to identify which ones had been received and details you need for forwarding these on. We are aware of the impact this is having to providers and will update you when these reports are available.


    Ben Mountney

    Please may you point me in the direction of the communication from the ESFA that advised providers that the Employer incentive payments would be included within the funds expressed in the main remittance.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Ruth CJ

    Can someone from the ESFA please confirm that we are released form our usual obligation to forward this money to employers within 30 days of us having received it.

    The Indicative Earnings report very rarely matches the month end Additional Payment report that shows us which employers need to be paid, so we are not prepared to rely on the Indicative report to make payments, especially when we can’t even establish how much money we have received for these additional payments. It’s extremely difficult for us to claw back payments we have made to employers in error, so we are not comfortable making payments based on the Indicative Earnings report alone.



    Am I understanding the article correctly? For non-levy payments, when it says “For October” is this the October payment (for R02) which will be based on the Apps Indicative Funding Report? If so this is much more in line with what we were expecting.

    I’m getting confused as it goes on to say that the ESFA are “aiming for all payments to be made on the service at R03”. This makes me think we will have to make do until November when the payment for R03 is made.

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


    Martin West

    What they mean is the payments for R02 are not being paid from the automated service but are being paid as per the R02 Apps indicated report, but they hope to get the automated service up and running for R03.



    Does anyone know when we will be paid for R02 and when will the remittance advice be sent.




    I saw this in the ESFA bulletin last week and complained, asking them what we are supposed to do and this was the response I got:

    Thank you for contacting the National Apprenticeship Service, my name is Megan.

    I understand from your email that you would like to know how you will be able to work out how much you will be paid. There are no period end reports available on the hub to match for R01 and R02 and you would like to know when you will receive the remittance.

    Unfortunately we have the same information available to us and we are not aware of any further updates. Once any updates are available these will be published on the gov.uk link below:


    I apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you are unhappy with the information provided you can raise a complaint with the Department for Education from the following site:


    Please note that they can only accept complaints in writing.

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