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    We’ve got some learners with a large levy employer. We had some learners on higher quals who were subcontracted to a college (the employer insisted it was done this way). The employer now wants to contract directly with the college for these learners, so we are going to transfer them. However, we’ve asked the college for an evidence file to close down at our end, including the off the job evidence. They are saying that the funding guidance for Higher SASE Apprentices states that Off the Job Learning logs do not need to be evidenced. I’m not convinced re future audit with ESFA for the learners’ time with us.
    Can anybody clarify whether I should dig my heels in and refuse to transfer without this evidence, or accept that I won’t need it.



    Martin West

    They use the same funding rules that require evidence that delivery has taken place against the commitment statement and that records are available. By delivery we mean how the number of off-the-job training hours compares to the planned training set out in the commitment statement.



    thanks Martin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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