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    Hi All,

    The Data Service has asked me to let you know that they are aware that some providers are receiving unexpected submission errors on OLDC at present. There is a known issue with Section 96 (16-18 Apprenticeships) and they recommend that you only submit ‘B’ files at present excluding any learners that require section 96 eligibility.

    This issue is being investigated urgently and further updates will be provided on their website when they are available.

    Cheers, Greta


    Alan Taws

    Thanks for the update Greta – we are very late with our submission today owing to issues with Framework Pathways – so I don’t know yet if this issue affects us – but I imagine it will. In anticipation of our upload possibly generating these section 96 issues can you let me know if I’m right in thinking that it would be the learning aim reference in combination with SECTION_96_APPRVL_STATUSES data in LARA that would specifically identify the learners concerned or is their some other field on the ILR that I should be looking at?



    Joanne Knowles

    Hi Greta,

    Thanks for this i have already uploaded an A File and dont have any errors will this change or am i to submit a B file??




    Hi All

    The Data Service has posted an update which reads:

    We now have corrective action, as at 12:40 (today) OLDC will stop processing files. Please note: Files can still be submitted, but will be delayed in processing. If you suffered this failure yesterday (Thursday, 4 April), we ask that you please resubmit your file, remembering to re-time your file.

    Alan and Joanne – re your questions above, it’s best to give the Service Desk a ring on 0870 2670001 and they will be able to help you with your specifc issues.

    Cheers, Greta


    Alan Taws

    I’m not sure I understand – does the corrective action mean I don’t have to do anything with section 96 aims? not much point in contacting the service desk if the problem is sorted?


    Martin West

    This is not unexpected see my previous posts on this subject, incorrectly updated LARA data has already caused problems working with the LIS and this has now escalated to OLDC. The data service needs better validation of data changes to LARA to overcome this type of issue it is not acceptable to blame their software supplier or agencies who input the data, sorry does not cut it anymore.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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