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    Hi there,

    I must say, this forum is becoming fast my go to place!

    We have learners about to start their first teaching session in August and this will be our first in-house apprenticeship (it is a pilot with a few learners).

    I have had some fantastic help from here towards ensuring I am signed up to the correct elements. What I am hoping someone might be able to help me with (just so I can for once sleep easily) is a an order/sequence of how things need to be captured. Right from the very start with the Learning Agreement, Commitment Statement to once all the reports are logged in the ILR return and submitted and the course has ceased.

    I have so much information printed and I feel I am starting to lose the plot somewhat!

    I know it probably doesn’t sound much to people but I sorted out the Unique Learner numbers this week and already that’s made me feel elated!

    Does anyone have anything they would be willing to share as a guide? I seem to have processes for lots of different things but no combined order.

    I am currently stressing about if I need to enrol the learners through the DAS first and ready for August to begin the funding registration or whether I should be focusing on something else instead such as the ILR (which I know I don’t need to do until the 4th September for the first entry).

    I hope I am not sounding too dramatic, I just really want to get this right and to get my head around it!




    Do you FIS?

    This is my first point of sense checking.

    If you pass FIS then submit an ILR. I used to hold off to the last day in the submission window to make sure everything was perfect. DO NOT DO THIS!
    Submit the first file that passes is FIS as soon as you can. Each following ILR submission will overwrite the last.
    Try and plan to submit your final ILR of the month at least 3 days BEFORE the window closes.

    Then check the errors and reports generated. This will highlight incorrect DAS and other issues.



    Thanks Rob.

    I am not sure this is what I need first however?

    This is more about what I need to do now I have new learners starting. I have registered them on the DAS and have ULNs. But I am not sure if I should be starting to populate the ILR Entry Tool now?

    I have had a look today at it to get my head around it and it seems relatively straight forward (I think…)

    Postcode wise however – is this where the learning is taking place or where the learner actually lives?

    I am getting myself really confused about it all at the moment.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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