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  • christinam

    Morning All,

    Please can you settle something, I’m happy to be wrong in this case.

    For the Off the Job training hours, what signatures do you need to agree the hours, my reasoning is it should be Learner, Employer and Training Povider.

    However we’ve just been told its only the trainer that needs to “sign off” the OTJ hours in the evidence pack.

    Thank you.



    I’m not sure what you mean?

    The commitment statement agreeing the plan needs to be signed by everyone, obv.

    But, if you mean the evidence of those hours, think of it like this: In classroom learning we don’t ask learners to sign in, the register is marked by the tutor and that evidence is deemed acceptable. I suppose the only difference would be evidence of stuff where you don’t have a member of staff present, where you’d want agreement from employer/app that the sessions/hours happened. EVEN THEN, not sure i’d demand wet signatures (not in 2020), email/electronic confirmation should suffice.



    Thank you for the response Steve, it was the evidence of those hours that I was interested in. Alas I just dislike the potential for misuse and the ambiguity of it.



    Here’s the thing though, if you set a too high threshold for what you accept as evidence, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot because you’ll end up with less than 20% evidence and an auditor will have all the money back.

    To my mind, if ESFA are happy with it, that’s sufficient evidence for me!

    One could argue that if a provider is working with an employer they don’t trust to do things correctly, then maybe that employer isn’t someone they should be working with…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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