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  • Emma M


    Hoping to get some help with QAR calculation – I’ll try and explain as best I can.

    We’ve had a data issue that has meant that we are unable to submit Apprenticeship Standard completions since August 2019 – we had a workaround for everyone that fell into the previous academic year, but everyone who has completed since 1st August 2019 is currently sat as “non complete” on the ILR (it’s a really long story and it’s being dealt with by the ESFA).

    We’ve had our QAR, and as we’ve not been able to submit all of our completions the number is a lot lower than it should be. I’m trying to do some rough analysis to give senior management a rough idea of what our actual QAR is for 1819 and project something for 1920.

    Am I right in thinking that I can only count something as overall QAR in 1819 if the actual end date and the planned end date fall before 31st July 2019? Or can I count aims that completed before R04 1819 regardless of the planned end date?




    Martin West

    Hi Emma,
    15. We base the overall QAR on the hybrid end year, which is the latter of:
    the achievement year of an apprenticeship
    the actual end year of an apprenticeship
    the planned end year of an apprenticeship
    the reporting year
    The above is from the QAR technical specifications:

    It is complicated


    Emma M

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for that.

    I’ve already read the technical guidance, but it doesn’t really answer my question very succinctly. I was hoping that someone might be able to explain it a bit more contextually so it’s easier to understand?




    It is complicated, yes, but, as far as I can tell, the provisional QARs are correct (in that they include/exclude what they said they would), we’ve not had obvious widespread complaints as we have in previous years.

    Emma, anything that was continuing in your R14 will not be included in the count for your official QAR because they *must* end up with a Hybrid End Year of at least 19/20.

    The wider “transparency data” announced last week:


    might give a different number, but it is NOT the QAR…


    Emma M


    I know the provisional QAR’s are correct as they stand for the data submitted – I have not been able to submit some data due to a data lock issue and was advised by the Apprenticeship Service to not complete portfolio’s in this academic year until the technical issue is resolved. So I’m not disputing the data that is there – I want to know how to work in the completions that I know happened but couldn’t submit so I can try and give our board more reflective data – in short I’m trying to figure out which completions I can add to the data and which ones I should exclude.

    The transparency tables make sense, but can’t work in our context as I haven’t been able to submit the data in order to take advantage of them.

    This is possibly a more complicated question that I anticipated, so I’ll have a chat with our account manager about it as well. Thanks for the responses though!



    Hi – I have learners “QAR inclusion” for learners who were due to complete in 2016 and 2017 but who were made leavers in 2015,2016 & 2017?

    Does anyone else have this issue? I have emailed the service desdk and they have come back with
    Thank you for contacting Service Desk.

    The QAR team have advised as below:

    ‘The data extract contains several Hybrid End Years worth of data 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2018.5. The ULNs referred to in the query form all relate to previous Hybrid End Years and have no bearing on the 2018 QAR figure, they are included in the data extract for provider analysis.’

    We hope it helps.


    Martin West

    Hi Emma,
    You would only include those if the actual end date falls on or before 31st July 2019 and then calculate their hybrid end year from the latter of:
    a planned end year of the learning aim
    b actual end year of the learning aim
    c reporting year.
    You then only consider those with a hybrid end year of 18/19 for the 18/19 QAR

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