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    Hello everyone,

    forgive this basic question I have been out of the loop for over 18months and hiding under a rock, and managed to avoid the funding reforms until now. But to hit the ground running I’m working on our PDSATs and trying to understand the reports with a very rusty brain.

    Any pointers on 19a-215 I’m hoping I get this terminology / explanation correct.
    A learner who is employed by a levy employer has a TNP greater than the funding band for his apprenticeship, the Indicative earnings report show payment and our accounts show we have received the difference from the employer via separate invoicing.

    However for this learner it doesn’t appear that the administrative team have recorded any payments into the Apprenticeship Financial Details (PICS) screen. So now the learner appears on the report 19A-215, or at least that is my understanding of why this learner is on the report? Is this likely to be the case or could there be another reason for them to appear. If my assumptions are correct would I also be right to tell the admin team to record the payments we have received.

    Thank you for taking the time to read, and any pointers you may have.


    Martin West

    Yes PMR are required in the following circumstances see Par 606 PSM:

    606. Employers are required to make co-investment cash contributions in the following circumstances:
     The employer is a non-levy paying employer and the apprentice is funded through co-investment
     The employer is a levy paying employer who has spent all of their digital account funds and so the apprenticeship is being fully or partially funded through co-investment
     The negotiated price for the apprenticeship exceeds the funding band, the employer is responsible for the price that is over the funding band.



    Thank you Martin, it is nice to “see” a familiar name on here .

    Out of interest (I’m bound to be asked from the bosses) other than the obvious of not doing as the funding rules says under paragraph 606 (thank you for providing the section) do we know of any consequences of not recording the “top-up” fees collection in the ilr.

    I’m pretty sure I will hear the response it’s a commercial fee between us and the employer so doesn’t need to be recorded within our ILR.

    Thank you for your input.


    Martin West

    The funding rules confirm in the following that Employer contributions above the Cap are considered as Co-investment and must be recorded in the ILR.

    Employer co-investment
    P216. Where apprenticeship training is not funded from the employer’s apprenticeship service account (non-levy paying employers and levy paying employers with insufficient funds), employers must co-invest 10% of the total negotiated price up to the maximum value of the funding band and 100% where this is above the funding band. Where an employer becomes a levy-payer during an apprenticeship, which started as a non-levy apprenticeship, they will continue to pay co-investment. Details of this apprenticeship must not be entered on the apprenticeship service.

    P217. We will continue to make payments to you provided you record that you have collected the employer’s contribution. You must keep evidence that these contributions have been collected. You must not return, in total or in part, the employer’s contribution once the co-investment has been collected.

    P218. We may withhold payments including the final completion payment until all the employer co-investment has been collected

    P220. At least every three months you must:
    P220.1 have collected the matching co-investment from employers; and
    P220.2 report the cash value, on the ILR, of total employer contributions received from the beginning of the apprenticeship to the end of the quarter in June, September, December and March.

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