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  • kelseyl

    In case anyone’s missed the huge release party, below is a link to the PDSAT which was published yesterday….



    Caspar Verney

    Unfortunately you have to have FIS to be able to use this and if you don’t (hand up? I certainly still cannot install it) then you cannot use PDSAT.

    All support for PDSAT is from KPMG, so if you have any difficulties then the Data Service cannot help. You have to email DSATHelpDesk@kpmg.co.uk

    I am told that use of PDSAT is optional now (it was compulsory last year) – has anyone heard anything different?



    Installing FIS: I don’t know if this will help but we installed the SQL Server 2012 Express separately, which meant installing SP1 for Visual Studio 2010 first (since our machine images have Visual Studio installed). The problem with getting the FIS installer to do the prerequisites is that it just reports a problem, not what the problem is.


    Simon France

    Some people, including me, have had an error message when trying to attach PDSAT to the FIS data export. I logged a call with KPMG who rang me back within 15 minutes with a workaround.

    Essentially, FIS is missing out some data on the export. So, in order to resolve the issue you need to add the following data to the ‘Source’ table in the FIS export (DesktopService.mdb).

    * Enter ‘0’ in the Source_ID field
    * Enter ‘xmlfilename’ in the FileName field
    * Enter your UKPRN in the UKPRN field
    * Enter ’01’ in the SerialNo field

    Once you’ve added this data, the PDSAT will import the data from the FIS export.


    Paul ESFA

    The PDSAT news item on the Data Service website http://www.thedataservice.org.uk/News/PDSATv14.htm has just been updated with the following:

    The Skills Funding Agency does not require providers to use PDSAT although providers may find it useful in their routine data cleansing and for preparing for assurance visits.

    The EFA requires that its institutions use PDSAT during the funding year. As PDSAT was only made available on Monday 3 February, it is not required that institutions use PDSAT for the R06 collection closing on 6 February.


    Caspar Verney

    Thanks once again to Paul for keeping the sector updated in this way.

    The SFA have said that use of FIS is optional, however the above makes it compulsory for EFA Providers since PDSAT cannot be operated without FIS. Is this just divergence between the Authorities?



    It’s a nonsense to describe FIS & PDSAT as being optional for FE providers and the SFA are being economical with the truth by suggesting so.

    These pieces of software are essential tools for properly managing our provision, regardless of funding source.

    The EFA (quite rightly I think) are still insisting on the use of PDSAT. Why should the quality of their data be compromised by the failures of a system they have not developed?

    The SFA and Data Service should stop trying to skirt round these issues and sort the situation out instead.



    Can someone help.
    Does anyone know how to get the PDSAT file out of FIS? Have searched high and low and read the guides but cannot find anything – sorry if this is on the wrong thread.



    Use the option, Export ILR data to an access database, then import the output “DesktopService.mdb” into DSAT.



    If you do not use PDSAT you will probably have a horrible time when you get audited. Even if you complete all your own checks it is worth using DSAT as this is what the auditors will use so it is best to get used to the reports. Also make sure you run the C1 reports as last year this is what the auditors used for our none random sample, sample.






    I have jut moved machines and got (following the request through the Hub) a new version of FIS. This has installed successfully but it now has none of the Collection Datasets available that are required when doing a Desktop Service export for PDSATs. Does anyone know where I could get the old 011 Collection datasets in order to process a batch through PDSAT and how to install them into FIS?

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