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    Is there are document which gives the date of when they should be published? I would have thought that this would be in the ILR funding reports document but I cannot see this in there. I think this should be on day five after the Apps Service data match has taken place yet this date seems to be a bit flexible.



    It seems to be either the sixth or seventh working day of the month judging from mine this year?

    11/9 (7th)
    8/10 (6th)
    8/11 (6th)
    11/12 (7th)
    9/1 (6th)
    8/2 (6th)

    so the pattern suggests Monday for March!!!

    Joking aside, yes, yes they should publish these dates!



    Thanks and good work! Stats people would now be deeply unsettled if Marach was not delivered on the 7th now.

    I suspect that there is a reason that they have not been published but hopegfully this will get addressed when Hub/Data Collections gets upgraded


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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