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    Hi, I have noticed that within the PFR occupancy report, apprentices that return from a break in learning and succeed in achieving their framework are not receiving the achievement component (25%) of their main aim.

    I believe this is due to the new minimum duration rules that were introduced and how these have been implemented to the PFR calculations (incorrectly in my view).

    I have 3 cases where the learners total duration on programme has been way over a year i.e. 14 months on programme goes on a BIL then returns and is programme for another 5 months.

    I believe the PFR is incorrectly applying these minimum durations to these second period of learning and not the whole duration, thus omitting the achievement payment.

    1. Learners have been correctly coded as re-starts and the re-start indicator applied
    2. We have ensured that the aim has an aim type of 2 indicating that it’s the main aim
    3. We have ensured qual aim has not passed its end date on the LARA
    4. Percentage of funding field has been completed appropriately

    Providers need to be warned about this because if they do not check their PFR in detail it may not be picked up.

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