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    Good morning – I have been asked by our SMT to clarify the new funding requirement for PED. My understanding is the following ……

    Pre August 2019 starts – the PED is the expected EPA date, and when we terminate these apprentices we are terminating them from the ILR based upon the EPA being completed.

    Starts from August 2019 – the PED is the expected final Gateway date, and when we come to terminate them we are terminating them from the ILR based on the completion of the final Gateway (regardless of when or if the EPA takes place).

    Is this the correct assumption – our SMT seem to think that the Pre August 2019 starts PED is now the expected Gateway date.



    Starts from Aug19 now have planned end date based on expected end date of practical period (e.g. end of training and when they’re Gateway ready). Starts pre Aug19 have planned end dates that includes the EPA period.

    In terms of actual end date, of the learner ended learning/practical period pre Aug19, then the actual end date should be final date of EPA. If they end learning/practical period after Aug19, the actual end date is the end of learning/practical period date.

    Achievement date in the 19/20 ILR is the final date of EPA



    Kind of sort of?

    So your pre August 19 starts will have had a PED based on completion of EPA, yes, so you certainly can’t *change* those planned end dates. But the *actual* end date you record for these learners is when they go to gateway (and when the balance of the On-Prog will be paid is that’s significantly before the PED) and then the Achievement Date is when they complete the EPA.

    eg for a ridiculously straightforward 12 month app with 3 month expected EPA:

    Start: October 18
    PED: January 20
    Actual End: November 19
    Achievement Date: January 20

    Para 320 of Provider Support Manual:

    320. For apprenticeship standards on a programme aim, where the learner has not completed all learning activities by 1st August 2019, the Learning Actual End Date will be completed after all learning has taken place and does NOT include the end point assessment period.



    Thanks Steveh for clarifying

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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