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  • Helen Pillinger

    If an apprentice who started prior to 1 August 2019 returns after a break in learning do we need to record planned hours on the ILR etc even though we never recorded planned hours when they originally started their apprenticeship



    I’m pretty sure it throws an error if you don’t, even with the restart flag on the new records (which wasn’t how we were told it was going to work). I think the consensus was to record the full hours for the whole programme on the new records (particularly as you’ll have to record the actual eventually)?


    Helen Pillinger

    Thanks Steve – yes that is what I have been told regarding an error – however I refer to the funding rules P57.1.3 below to what you say about having to record actual hours – any thoughts?

    P57. We do not require actual hours information on the ILR where the apprenticeship has been disrupted by:
    P57.1.1 a change of provider;
    P57.1.2 a change of programme; or
    P57.1.3 where an apprentice has been withdrawn from the programme or put on a break in learning
    P57.2 We reserve the right to include these at a later date.



    Ah, I read that as “you don’t have to record Actual Hours *when they go on a break*” not “you don’t have to record hours for people who’ve *been* on a break” on the returning aims.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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