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    Hi , when an apprentice returns to learning after an ABL, do you pro-rata the OTJ hours in the ILR for that period? What I mean is that when they initially started, the necessary OTJ hours would have been calculated on the duration of the training for that expected period of learning and inputted into the ‘Planned Hours (OTJ Training)’field. However, this was interrupted due to Covid and an ABL was taken. On their return from ABL, do we then calculate just the remaining OTJ required for this timeframe or do we input in the ILR field exactly the same OTJ hours initially calculated at the start?



    Part of the problem is the planned hours field doesn’t look at the restart flag (even though it’s meant to), so where there’s less than 278 hours remaining, it’ll “error”, so I’ve been advising people just to copy the initial, whole programme hours in.

    You’ll need to know how many they’ve got left to do, and it should be clear on the Commitment Statement, particularly where the overall length is different, but from an ILR point of view, whole prog seems the way to go.


    Martin West

    For the OTJT webinar Q and A.
    When the apprentice returns from a BIL, adjust end-date on apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement. The quantity of off-the-job training remains the same, but over a new timeframe, it is assumed you continue to report this in the ILR.



    I was advised by the Apprenticeship Service to enter the original hours, the RES code will allow them to calculate the hours out.



    Amazing – thanks so much everyone for this 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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