Please give your views on possible ILR changes for 2021-22

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    We are currently investigating changes we could make to the ILR for the 2021 to 2022 year. Before we make a decision on proposed changes, we would like your views please.

    Possible change 1: Prior Attainment

    We would like your views on this proposed change to the Prior Attainment field.

    Proposal Summary

    To remove the existing Prior Attainment field and create a new Prior Attainment entity to collect two pieces of data:

    • Prior Attainment Level
    • Date applies from

    The objective is to enable the collection of this data when a learner’s prior attainment changes. We feel this would be beneficial, allowing for the accurate progression of the learner to be recorded, as well as driving the funding that follows on from updated prior attainment.

    Proposal Detail

    We are proposing to change the code list for the Level field by updating:

    • Adding additional ‘Level 2’ and ‘Level 3’ codes
    • Removing the code ‘Other qualifications below Level 1’, as these qualifications are captured under the ‘Entry Level’ code.

    Code list example:
    Attribute Codes
    Code Definition Valid To
    1 Entry level
    2 Level 1
    3 Level 2
    4 Full level 2
    5 Level 3
    6 Full level 3
    7 Level 4
    8 Level 5
    9 Level 6
    10 Level 7 and above
    97 Other qualification, level not known
    98 Not known
    99 No qualifications

    These changes will make the data recorded more reliable, as we expect that you will have clarity around recording the level of qualification the learner currently has. The updated code list will also align with the data OFQUAL publishes for qualification levels.


    This field will be completed when the learning agreement has been agreed between the learner and provider. The prior attainment at that time relevant to that agreement is recorded on the ILR with the start date matching the earliest learning aim start date for that agreement.

    Where all learning activities relating to that agreement have been completed and if the learner progresses into further learning with the same provider, a new learning agreement is made and a new prior attainment to reflect that learning agreement is recorded.

    The prior attainment is not updated during the period learning where all activities relating to the learning agreement are continuing.

    The prior attainment is not updated at the end of all learning activities relating to the learner agreement. A new record is only added at the start of any subsequent learning where a new learning agreement has been signed.


    Appendix B migration specification will contain details to migrate the existing prior attainment record using the start date of the earliest continuing learning aim for the date of the prior attainment record and mapping the previous code to the new code.

    Possible change 2: Employment Status Monitoring Type


    A new Employment Status Monitoring Type – ‘other employment type’ will be added to cover additional scenarios. Initially this will include a code for ‘Learner has been made redundant’.

    This will be used in the funding calculations to allocate the appropriate funding for continuing learners who have been made redundant.

    We will be adding ‘Unassigned’ codes in order to accommodate additional codes to be added by the business when applicable.

    Providers should already have this information for their learners in order to claim continued for funding for the reason of redundancy, so it shouldn’t require additional data to be collected.

    We are seeking your views to identify the impact to the sector of these changes. We would particularly like to hear from you in response to these questions:

    • Do you capture this information already?
    • Is this reasonable to capture this information and collect it in the ILR?
    • Do you foresee any issues or barriers with collecting this information?

    If you would prefer to email us with your views on these proposals, please send them and we’ll get them to the ILR team.

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    Currently the Prior qualification level is held against the “learner details” and is an overall qual level that does not necessarily link to the current learning. (For example a learner may have a Degree in Economics but be studying a L3 Childcare) For this change to work we would have to record the qual level against each separate aim, or have I misunderstood?



    Ruth CJ

    No, this would not require the prior attainment being linked to the enrolment entity. It would stay against the student.

    I love the idea of having the prior attainment as a separate entity with a date. For internal data checks, it’s always been a source of great irritation that the prior attainment is not their latest. A student can have prior attainment level 2, yet not be eligible for First Full Level 3, because they do have a level 3, but we weren’t supposed to update this field as they did the level 3 with us. It’s then tough to build validation to check nobody has been incorrectly fully funded as FFL3, unless you start checking previous enrolment and/or PLR (or separately record the current highest qual), and that’s just a pain. With a separate entity, we’ll be able to look up the “latest” prior attainment (and hopefully get our software supplier to add that as something we can obtain easily).

    Also like the idea of adding non-full level 2 and 3. That’s always been a source of great confusion for our inputters, that you have have a bunch of GCSEs at level 2, but your prior attainment is level 1 because you didn’t get 5 9-4/A*-C grades.

    New ESM code sounds good. Our software supplier have already added a field for that anyway, and we fill it in for our own use. It’s called “Reason for Unemployment”. I’ve just been looking at building a report to find students who are 12+ weeks past redundancy and no new employer (and were redundant more than 6 months from planned end date). That could be a DSAT/FRM report if there was an ILR field to indicate redundancy. I think calling it “Other employment type” is confusing.



    Re Prior Attainment

    I love the idea however I would rather have the field at the student periodic level that way you wouldn’t have to over write the previous data. This would mean it could be something changed prior to R14 as R14 would look at the previous year periodic and R01-03 would look at the current year periodic.

    Re Employment status
    Technically you already have this but setting it to Unemployed, looking for work and completing the Reason for unemployment field. If you want to move away from that then having a 4th Employment status as ‘Made redundant, looking for work’ would make more sense than a generic option.

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