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    Hi all,

    This is cropping up more and more with regards to learner PLRs and award dates.
    Ever since they changed the Achievement date field in the ILR specification of 2014/15 to “Not collected” for all funding models and non-funded, the award date is not appearing on these aims that started in this funding year that are achieved. I can only assume that the achievement date was the link to award date on the PLR for ILR sources. Does anyone know any different?

    Ace won’t accept a grade and an end date without an award date, yet the ESFA accept an end date with a grade or award date with a grade as achieved – this has been a bit of a mess for functional skills evidence for frameworks.

    Trying to chase evidence recently has been a nightmare, with some of our learners we ask if they achieved level 2 to put them on for level 3, they say they’re not sure if they done it as they were never seen and never received certificates, but we cannot even put them onto a level 2 as it would count as double funding by the SFA. It has been an impossible task to communicate with the provider (Learn Direct) that “delivered” the level 2.

    I know we are not the only ones, as other providers have been in contact with us asking if learners have achieved functional skills as they have no award dates on the PLR to be able to claim apprenticeship frameworks. We send out our certificates to the learners and can only assume that the learner has miss-placed these certificates…. it’s a good thing we keep copies on file and get the learner to sign for receiving, in this instance we were able to accommodate a copy to the learner. But as mentioned earlier, there will be cases were evidence is not easily obtained.

    Why do the ESFA accept an end date and a grade as achieved, yet ACE don’t?

    Why doesn’t the PLR show the outcome field from the ILR as achieved? And ACE to accept that as evidence?

    Why are the Awarding Organisations not uploading confirmation of qualifications achieved to show grades and award date so we don’t have to rely on getting learners to bring in evidence?

    Just wondering if others are asking the same questions



    Yes we have the same issues and the same questions were asked on here around a year ago and went unanswered.
    If the learner cannot provide a certificate and we only have the PLR, if there is no achievement date the learner does the functional skills again as we know ACE won’t accept the PLR without. Comes up on the FRM reports as well, but what can we do about it?
    I can remember it being suggested that if the achievement dates were coming from our data then this would be why they are not appearing as it is no longer shared/uploaded

    Perhaps this time we can get an answer and until ACE changes what it will accept the ESFA will continue to pay more than once for maths and English!



    Please can I double check…?

    According to the funding rules:
    “Judgement of an apprentice’s current level
    Each apprentice must undertake skills testing of English & maths irrespective of providing evidence of their Level 2 in these subjects. This can be completed as part of the induction and current assessment tools based on the national literacy and numeracy standards and core curriculum must be used to do this, e.g. BKSB diagnostic assessment testing.
    If an apprentice does not have acceptable evidence of previous attainment of Level 2 English and/or maths, i.e. GCSE certificates (or approved equivalent), you should carry out a judgement of their current level. You must use current assessment tools based on the national literacy and numeracy standards and core curriculum to do this, e.g. BKSB diagnostic assessment testing.”

    Does this mean that it is NOT necessary to track down GCE/CSE/GCSE certs as long as diagnostic testing has been done. What are the lowest acceptable percentages please?

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