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  • danksj

    Can an Apprenticeship learner reduce their weekly hours part way though their programme. Are there allowances for this as naturally it will take them longer than the initial planned end date


    Martin West

    The funding rules require:
    P39.1 If the apprentice works fewer than 30 hours a week you must extend the expected duration of the apprenticeship on the ILR (pro rata) to take account of this. This will also apply to any temporary period of part-time working. You must work with the employer to make sure that the apprenticeship agreement is also extended.

    You will also need to add a new Employment Status where the hrs band changes
    You do not change the planned end date in the ILR, but you would on the Apprenticeship Agreement and commitment statement.


    Samantha Davies

    Hi Martin,

    We have a similar situation to the scenario above who started an Apprenticeship Framework with us in April 2019 who was employed full-time but has now informed us that she is dropping her hours to just one day a week.

    As she has already been on programme for 7 months working full-time hours, how would I go about extending her planned end date and can you confirm whether this needs changing on the ILR or not?

    Many thanks


    Martin West

    Hi Samantha,
    Where a learner is part way through and changes to less hours you would use the following formula
    (Months left to complete X (30/part time)) + months completed=new duration from start
    You do not change the planned end date on the ILR but you would revise the commitment statement and Apprenticeship agreement to reflect the new planned end date.
    You would also need to add a new employment stratus reflecting the new hours from the date it applies.

    It is unusual to go down to one day per week as there was previously a 16 hour minimum but this is no longer included in the funding rules so as long as the employer agrees and you can still deliver 20% OTJ training during working hours then I expect it would be ok.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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