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  • DJH1982

    Can anyone confirm please – is the “Projected End Date” on the DAS the planned end date of practical training period or practical period + EPA

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    Martin West

    The planned end date of practical training period.


    John Bullock

    We have heard otherwise from the Apprenticeship Service Team very recently – which I thought was very odd. Below is the transcript of what they told one of our employers. Can anybody confirm if the advice below is correct or not? It doesn ot sound right to me, as surely this would lead to a different calculation of monthly funding compared to the ILR?

    “I understand from you email into our service that you have been advised by our service that the costs of the apprenticeship to be entered into the Apprentice Service (AS) account should cover the total period of the apprenticeship including the EPA and are enquiring as to whether this information is still correct.

    The period the learner record should run from in the AS account should cover the total period of the apprenticeship including the end point assessment as this forms part of the total apprenticeship with standards.

    The ILR is separate to the AS account and so the guidance for completing the ILR may be different to that offered for creating an AS record in the AS account.

    Regarding the dates in the AS account and the ILR submission. The start dates must match for payments to leave the AS account, a data lock error preventing payment would appear otherwise.

    The end dates are not compared however and so the end date in the AS account not matching the end date in the ILR would not cause an issue with the payments”


    Martin West

    Looks like I got that wrong, the ESFA answer does look correct as it is the ILR that drives the payments and not the DAS.
    I would think the end date on DAS would be the same as the END date of apprenticeship as recorded on the Apprenticeship agreement (The end date, for standards, is when the end-point assessment has been completed. The end date, for frameworks, is when the final relevant qualification has been completed.)



    Confused now – how will we know th exact date when the learner is due to complete End Point Assessment at the beginning of a programme?

    For example our EPAO is suggesting a 4 month period for EPA, however no one has gone through EPA on this standard yet (Sales Executive L4 – released in Nov ’18) – so it could be 1 month, could be 4.

    If this affects payments and OPP values then surely there must be some hard and fast guidance about what to put down as the end of Apprenticeship?



    Martin West

    It will not affect payments as these are paid over the practical period as recorded on the ILR not the DAS account.



    On the DAS the terminology is training start date and training end date – this is what we have used

    Please see this

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