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  • Martin West

    Hi All,
    I needed to do some profiling for next year but we have only the values for 19-24 learners in the latest simplified rates so I have used the following factors.
    16-18 Apprenticeships = 1.072275
    25+ Apprenticeship = 0.8
    Workplace Learning = 0.575
    These seem to return amounts that correspond to this year’s rates.

    Anyone got any further information?




    Information suggests that the 13/14 apps rates are the same as this year and I think that this is what your calculations above do. However, I would be careful with applying the workplace learning calculation that you use above as there are significant shifts in funding rates for non-app 19+ provision in 13/14.

    I assume that you have used the funding rate catalogue to get your 19-23 apps rates? If so then I would recommend mapping your current 12/13 qualification rates against the information on the other sheets of the catalogue to see where the shifts are for your workplace learning or 19+ classroom provision.



    Martin West

    Hi Paul,

    Yes it does look like there will be no difference in funding for classroom and workplace provision so I have revised the workplace factor to 1 based on the single budget rate.

    This did throw up a few anomalies as 529 Apprenticeship qualifications are not included in the single budget list for workplace provision and some existing ALR provision have last date for starts as 31/07/2013 even though they are still current and funded for 16-18 in 2013/14.
    On top of this the SFA are intending to withdraw from funding qualifications with low volume uptake, this can only result in a reduced provision offer to learners and defies any logic, add in 24+ loans for level 3 provision and the lack of unit and other funding information then the planning for provision and finance’s for next year is not looking good.

    Can anyone tell me what is simple in simplified funding?


    Caspar Verney


    In answer to your question, I believe it is the length of string.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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