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    A provider has just told me that Progress Reviews are not required for audit but are more good form of best pratice.

    Has anyone been through an audit recently where progress reviews were requested?

    I’ve always thought Progress Reviews were mandatory for Apprentices



    Hi Kelly

    The review process doesn’t seem to appear in the funding rules anymore (I think). However, there is still a need through Ofsted even though it may not be required at an audit. Also it would be beneficial on many counts to continue the review system.





    Hi Kelly,

    The most recent apprenticeship funding rules state that they expect progress reviews to be agreed upon and documented in the commitment statement:

    P65.8 Details of tripartite progress reviews (main provider, employer, apprentice), including the frequency and format, to discuss progress to date against the commitment statement and the immediate next steps required.

    So I think the fact that they want the details of agreed reviews to be in the commitment statement means they are expecting to see them taking place.

    Kind regards,



    Just to add some additional context; this is not in the rules around reviews as such but one of the audit tests is:

    “The learner’s continued participation in learning (including English and maths) is confirmed by evidence of learning activity from the start date of each aim up to the learning actual end date or to date, as applicable.”

    I think as an industry we always use the term review as a short hand for learner progress/participation as a review is a robust way of providing evidence of participation and progress (or lack of).

    The rule P65.8 allows us as training providers to set the tone of when and how participation evidence occurs through reviews by setting our own frequency and format, however, the required evidence of participation can be obtained in different ways that should satisfy an auditor such as submission of learner work to an e-portfolio system.

    So while it is true to say that an auditor shouldn’t require these, that is only true if you have other robust means to show participation.

    Hope that helps,
    Ben F.

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